Authentication failed error validating saml message

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Authentication failed error validating saml message - Sex chat via skype i sweden

Filter Chain Proxy$Virtual Filter Filter(Filter Chain at org.springframework.context.request.async.Web Async Manager Integration Filter Internal(Web Async Manager Integration at org.filter.

authentication failed error validating saml message-86

Filter Chain Proxy$Virtual Filter Filter(Filter Chain at org.springframework.header.Below is configuration on Confluence plug-in Any help or pointers will be of great help You might have already solved it...I had the same problem and the solution for me was to wash the data that was sent in the SAML response. In one of the group's name there was the Swedish character ä which caused the error. I assume that the plugin is not 100% UTF-8 compliant.I followed all your steps and configured as per your documentation.I am getting following exception Authentication Service Exception: Incoming SAML message is invalid at org.springframework.Servlet Exception: Authentication Failure at customization.handler. Bb Authentication Success Handler.check Authentication Result(Bb Authentication Success at customization.handler.

Bb Authentication Success Authentication Success(Bb Authentication Success at org.springframework.authentication.

but then, it should work right now, I think, and doesn't. I have been digging through the source a bit and the only place I find where that error could originate is in Message XMLSignature Security Policy line 137. If I enable request & response signing validation on Idp then I get error on Idp

I am not sure yet which criteria fail to evaluate; the only part I found was in: SAMLXMLSignature Security Policy SAMLXMLSignature Security Policy Rule line 67: new Metadata Criteria(saml Peer Entity Role(), saml Inbound SAMLProtocol()); I am getting stuck here. Security Policy Exception: Could not extract the Signature from query string This is the configuration on Idp side.

Filter Chain Proxy$Virtual Filter Filter(Filter Chain at org.springframework.

Filter Chain Filter Internal(Filter Chain at org.springframework.

SAMLRequest=f VJd T8JAEPwrl32n9y Eg XCg GNUYSDMRWH3w7y2KPt He1ey X+f M+CURPD4+3N7Mzu7Ozqo67YAVuy3q Ug Ew EMXe G31r2l8JTf DSZw NZ+Rq Sv V6EUXSve I7x1SYJHo SB9/Uuhap70h S9q ZGkm HQme Lh5VWid BN64Mvf AVs QYRti FI33l FXY5the7AFPj2u Uih Da DTncqo SOZ4k Uoh Eyks9EVPBm6p7s454p B8q DPx Llpto B9ht NGOd Cf0A//fg ZOumwp7UG+Z22/As W5/kk6Zsg N35ts B+x BR2pi IEtrx Nw Vw Uw91+vx9Kob CUr8PRdh8L41KNR6Uc Rx Bt DJE94A+Nq MOlo2Bc SEEJORp IMVAylxda CT2Si VLi Bdjmt Jhr644LP7f F1y OI9H2ebwabd ZYDe/4OLg Lg FJPu1dvf+Zxvb L5Dgfm5CArvdl UXjw O/m DP+W2x+ev49kfkn | url: /plugins/servlet/saml/auth | user Name: anonymous , but nothing did work.

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